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Thursday, June 13, 2024
Welcome to our domain names and to our Vanity Toll-Free 800 Number Service and to Buy Vanity Toll Free Number 800 Services , Lawyer Advertising , Vanity Toll Free Number , Attorney Marketing , Buy Toll Free Number , Renewable Energy Solar Power Advertising, Lawyer Marketing ,Solar Energy Advertising, Attorney Advertising , Purchase 800 Number ,    Login
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding this web site. We hope they are useful. If you can't find an answer to a question you have, just send us a note and we will do everything we can to promptly answer your question.

What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is the last two parts of an Internet address. A case in point, if you glance at the URL for this page, you will notice that it starts with www.whatadomain.com. Our domain name is whatadomain.com. The domain name is unique and can give you or your company or organization an identity on the Internet. Your domain name provides a swift and simple method for your friends, clients and customers to locate you on the Web and furthermore, it allows you to receive e-mail at a customized e-mail address. Since a domain name is no longer available after it has been registered, it therefore creates inherent value for your organization.

How do I buy a domain name from WhataDomain.com?

Simply search by keyword or browse the categories and review the domain names that are for sale. After you find a domain name that meets your needs, you can submit an offer using the interactive form, which you will find upon clicking on the domain name. We will then notify you whether your offer has been accepted, rejected, or if there is a counteroffer.

I performed a search and no matches were found-What can I do?

1-It is important to be as general as possible in your search. The best method to improve your search results for possible domain name matches is to search with keywords that are very general. E.g., if you were searching for roses, then enter flower as a keyword instead of using roses as your keyword. Another method to improve your search results is to avoid using plurals. E.g., if you were searching for books, then enter book as a keyword instead of using books as your keyword. Click here to Search again.

2-You may browse through the general categories on the homepage. Click here for the homepage.

3-You may send us an e-mail describing your needs and we will research our database to ascertain if there are any names that would meet your needs. Click here.

4-Another option is to utilize our fee based consulting services designed to provide you with personalized service in your search for a domain name. Please click here for further information.

How long will it take WhataDomain.com to respond to an offer for a domain name?

Whatadomain strives to maintain its reputation as being one of the best in customer service and the company policy is to respond to all offers within 4 hours of receipt during regular business hours and within 24 hours during weekends.

How do I find unique domain names that are not associated with any specific business such as Yahoo?

There are three ways to find such domain names:

1-Enter the word Unique by the domain name keyword search.

2-On the homepage, go to categories and click on Unique.

3-Click here for the list of unique words

Do I have to register on the site?

No and yes. No sign-up is necessary to search for a domain name or to browse the categories for an appropriate domain name. Yes, registration is necessary if you wish to make an offer for a domain name.

I have a great idea for an Internet business, but I do not have a large budget to purchase a name. What can I do?

In addition to purchasing a domain name from WhataDomain.com via a cash transaction, we are ready to entertain offers for a Joint Venture partnership, revenue sharing, equity or any combination of the above. On the same page where you submit a cash offer, you have the capability to write a description of the non-cash consideration as your compensation to WhataDomain.com for the domain name. The management of WhataDomain.com has many years of experience with start-up companies and will carefully evaluate all proposals.

Does WhataDomain.com have an affiliate program?

Yes and if you already have a web site or you have a friend or colleague that has one, we would like to inform you that we have the #1 Affiliate program with possible payouts exceeding $5,000 for just one clickthrough! We offer a 15% payout and the price range of our products is $500 to $100,000. This program pays you a commission for every customer click-through from your site to WhataDomain.com that results in a successful sale of a domain name or results in the use of our domain name consulting services that we offer to companies and individuals. Click here for further information.

Our new two-tier referral system lets you earn income from sales generated from your web site, as well as on the sales generated by Affiliates you refer to the program. (Your second tier). You earn an unrivaled commission of 15% for every premium domain name sale that comes from your web site. And you earn an additional 5% for every domain name sale made through a Sub-Affiliate that you have referred! Click Here for further information.

If I am planning to start a company in the future, should I purchase a domain name now?

Absolutely! You want to purchase a domain name now to avoid a situation where somebody else purchases the name you want. Don't be left behind -- the faster you act, the better your chances for obtaining the domain name you desire.

I don’t know which domain name is the best or is there a more appropriate domain name for my needs?

WhataDomain.com offers domain name consulting services for individuals and companies and assists you in your search for premium quality domain names at reasonable prices. This is a fee based exclusive consulting service designed to provide you with personalized service in your search for a domain name. We will work with you to find a domain name with marketing potential, appropriate for your image and in accordance with your requirements. Please click here for further information.

I have a domain name to sell. Will you list and sell the domain name for me?

Yes and No. WhataDomain.com is currently investing many resources in the marketing and promotion of its domain names and therefore the only way that we will sell your domain name, is if the ownership of the domain name is transferred to WhataDomain.com. After the transfer is completed, we will add the domain name to the company database. If and when we sell the domain name, we will share the net proceeds of the sale with you as per your agreement with the company. Click here to send us an e-mail requesting further information.

Does the company have Domain Name Experience?

The management of WhataDomain.com has been involved with domain names since 1997.

How do I complete a Secure Transaction for the purchase of a domain name from WhataDomain.com?

In order to assure the integrity of the domain name sales transaction, Whatadomain.com has an established relationship with a prestigious New York based law firm. The law firm deposits all funds in its special escrow account, thereby assuring a secure transaction for the purchase of the domain names from WhataDomain.com.

HELP! I'm still lost after reading the FAQ. Who do I contact?

If you can't find an answer to a question you have, just send us a note and we will do everything we can to promptly answer your question.

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