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Web Developer News Announces Affiliate Program November 22, 1999
By Scott Clark
Managing Editor, WDVL
Web Developer News Archives recently debuted the WhataDomain Internet affiliate program, designed to generate revenues of up to $15,000 per click-through for its Internet partners. features nearly 1,000 premium domain names for sale, and includes a list of names that encompass a wide range of topics. Users can search by keyword or browse through 33 general categories.'s ClickTrade program pays its Affiliate members a commission for each customer click-through that results in the successful sale of a domain name, or results in the use of the domain name consulting services.

Members of the Affiliate program earn 15 percet of every sale--which can range from $500 to $100,000. Instead of the traditional 50-cent to $1 commissions usually aquired from the sale of items like books, CDs or MP3s, Web site owners have the potential to earn between $75 and $15,000 per click-through.

The domains that are offered by can be the basis of a cash sale, Joint Venture partnership, revenue sharing, equity or any such combination. The company also provides a fee-based domain consulting service for individuals and companies.

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