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Generate Revenues of Up to $15,000 Per Click-Through with Affiliate Program
Source: PRNewswire

NEW YORK, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- With the launch of its new site, debuts one of the most impressive Internet affiliate programs ever, designed to generate revenues of up to $15,000 per click-through for its Internet partners. Inc. is the developer of, which has nearly 1,000 premium domain names for sale. The site includes a list of names encompassing a wide range of topics and offers the capability to search by keyword or to browse through 33 general categories.

The ClickTrade program pays its Affiliate members a commission for every customer click-through from the Affiliate site to that results in a successful sale of a domain name or results in the use of our domain name consulting services that we offer to companies and individuals.

Members of this Affiliate program earn 15% on every sale -- AND -- the best part is that members earn commissions on products that have a price range of $500 to $100,000. Instead of the $.50 to $1.00 commissions they can generate for selling small items like books, CDs, MP3 and for the same amount of effort that it takes to sell a book, web site owners can earn between $75 and $15,000 per click- through by joining the Affiliate Network. offers its domain names for a cash sale, Joint Venture partnership, revenue sharing, equity or any combination of the above. In addition, offers a fee based consulting service for individuals and companies to assist them in their search for premium domain names and if requested, continues to assist their clients with their Internet venture beginning with the development of their business plan through the successful launch of their web site.

"We are proud to now offer one of the most aggressive Affiliate programs ever! With the average price for every domain name sold by the company in the thousands of dollars, it's a lucrative Affiliate Program for anyone that has a Web site," stated Bernard Sonnenschein, President of

"In addition, leverages the company's in-house domain name consulting expertise with a superb list of premium quality domain names. The result is an accessible and intuitive site that provides superb searching capabilities and assistance for those looking for premium quality domain names. Combine a well-paying Affiliate Program with a top notch domain name company and you have a recipe for success for the web site owners." Inc. is a New York Corporation that sells high profile domain names and assists companies and individuals in their search for premium quality domain names at exceptional prices. management has been involved with domain names since 1997. To assure the security of the domain name sales transaction, has an established relationship with a prestigious New York based law firm that deposits all funds in its special escrow account until such time as the domain name is transferred to the new owner. SOURCE Inc.

Publication date: Nov 18, 1999
1999, NewsReal, Inc.